About Steve

Steve McBride and Family

Steve McBride is a teacher and research scientist at Virginia Tech working on his Doctorate in Biology.

We need scientists and teachers in Richmond for better representation. People who will use knowledge to search for a solution to today’s public policy challenges. Steve knows how important it is to have our Democratic values represented in Richmond and how good public policy can make a difference in people’s lives.

Steve wants to work in Richmond to help solve the current opioid epidemic. He knows we must use science to address this health care crisis. His mother struggled with addiction and his grandparents raised him when she was unable to care for him. Often they had to rely on public assistance to survive. Science provided a path for his mother’s recovery. It is imperative that everyone has affordable access to healthcare and he will work on Medicaid expansion.

Voting is sacred to Steve. He knows many people are disenfranchised from participating in our democracy because there are so many barriers to being able to vote. In 2004 when he found out it was past the date to transfer his registration to Radford, he drove all the way to Norfolk on Election Day to cast his first vote for president for John Kerry. He wants to work to make voting as easy as it is in North Carolina where they have same day no excuse early voting and people can register to vote at the same time.

Steve McBride was the first of his family to graduate college, eventually earning his Masters at James Madison University. He is grateful for all the public support he received and is ready, willing and able to give back to our Commonwealth. He worked with farmers at JMU to help them balance their business practices with environmental concerns, experience that gives him a unique perspective as he looks to serve in the House of Delegates. Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge with others by volunteering with K-12 students to introduce them to biology, and by being a Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Steve believes in transparency and will serve the people of the 8th district with integrity. His financial summary includes personal, gift, and campaign disclosures.

In his campaign, Steve is focused on the growth of the Roanoke Valley and the revitalization of his district’s rural areas. By finally providing Southwest Virginia with real infrastructure reform, by fighting for good paying jobs, by tapping the potential of all of Southwest Virginia’s workers, by fighting against unfair redistricting policies, and by bringing a new expertise to Virginia’s legislature, Steve McBride will provide the Democratic Party with the tools it needs to innovate in Southwest Virginia and with the connections it needs to grow in the 21st Century.

Steve lives in Salem with his wife and daughter.

Your support for Steve McBride’s campaign will help to send a scientist and teacher to Richmond.