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I want to close the skills gap in Virginia. We can do this by offering free community college and technical school to train “middle skills” workers.

I want Richmond to start paying its fair share to school districts in the valley. Our teachers need the resources necessary to provide our children with a quality education.

I want to get large corporations out of Virginia’s elections. Our legislatures should be beholden to our voters not big donors.

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Virginia State Capital Building

Making Richmond work for Southwest Virginia

When I moved to Salem I was welcomed with open arms by my neighbors. The culture of community is strong and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. With Mcaffe’s knob, Dragon’s tooth and the beautiful Roanoke River, outdoor enthusiasts can always find something to do. But, we don’t get fair treatment from Richmond.

We need to continue to build our communities by offering free community college and technical school to train Virginians for the 175,000 unfilled “middle skills” jobs. These schools, located throughout Virginia, will allow our people to receive employable skills without having to travel far from the communities they grew up in.

We must make Richmond give our rural schools their fair share. Rural school districts have been disproportionately affected by changes to the state funding formula for public schools. Our teachers need the resources necessary to give our children a good education and they need competitive salaries that attract and keep the best and brightest teachers.

We have to eliminate the dysfunctional campaign finance rules that allow big businesses to overreach district borders and influence our lawmakers’ decisions. Our legislators are beholden to the voters, not large corporations. That’s why I will only accept campaign contributions from individuals and the unions that represent working people.

*Creative Commons image by Kevin Anderson